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The Great Bead Escape Retreat

Classes offered

April 1 - 5, 2020 the Cerveny Conference Center

11057 Camp Weed Place

Live Oak, FL 

Register at

Magical mystery pendant.jpg

Magical Mystery Pendant

04/02/20 Morning Session

04/05/20 Afternoon Session

In this class you will use sterling silver wire to create a decorative frame to capture a faceted crystal. I will have several different crystal choices available. This technique is very versatile and can be modified to capture lamp work beads, marbles or rough-cut round stones. You will have the opportunity to patina your finished pendant if you'd like. The photo shows a pendant with patina and one natural silver.

Woven set.jpg

Woven Links Bracelets and Ring

04/03/20  All Day Session

You will learn to weave wire using a flat vice. We’ll start with a double wire weave in copper and you will learn to create these links using your weave then add a very secure capture so that you will have no weak links in your bracelets. We’ll then move on to sterling silver and you will create a single wire woven bracelet. Finally, we’ll make a woven band ring that does require a solder joint to finish it off. We’ll add patina, then you can finish your ring off with a bead and gold wraps or leave it as a plain band.

Caribbean Weave Necklace_edited.jpg

Caribbean Weave Neclace

04/02/20 Afternoon Session

04/04/20 Morning Session

04/04/20 Afternoon Session

This necklace design is all about that favorite focal bead. Create a sterling silver frame using multiple wire techniques that include weaving, coiling and traditional. You will have the opportunity to patina your pendant at the end of class if you desire. You will create a handmade sterling silver chain to complement your pendant. You may not finish your chain in class, but you will be shown how to create each link.

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